In My Own Words:

I’m small and cute and know how to use this to my advantage. I’m pretty laid back. I love naps, food and am an avid squirrel hunter. However, if you leave me alone to go have fun without me, I will tear up your world.


Undergrad studies in Hunting, Master’s Degree in Scent Following.

Technology I Cannot Live Without:

Social media. It’s where my humans post tons of pics of me. They think I’m awesome.

Essential Waterdog Product:

Reflexion. I love looking in the mirror at myself.

Favorite Song Or Artist With Dog In The Title:

“Who Let The Dogs Out?” I’m not sure who sings it. The song is horrible yet catchy.

Food I Crave:

The stale bread from the neighbor’s lawn that is meant for the birds.

Drink Of Choice:

Other dogs’ water. I love taking anything that isn’t mine.

Ideal Off-Duty Activity:

Sniffing around town and getting belly rubs from everyone that crosses my path, breaking squeakers in my toys, rolling around in mud, attending food tasting events, trail running and generally causing trouble while looking cute doing it.