Jason “Turtle”

413-310-2079 / jalexander@waterdogtech.com

In My Own Words:

I’m a shy introvert who’s afraid of his own shadow. I typically work from underneath my desk with only the dogs to keep me company.


Certified Massage Therapist from Stillpoint Center School of Massage Therapy.

Technology I Cannot Live Without:

State-of-the-art gaming computer.

Essential Waterdog Product:

AVG because it protects my state-of-the-art gaming computer.

My Dog Situation:

Cerberus is his name. Sadly he’s only a one-headed yellow lab/golden retriever mix, but he still makes for an excellent guardian of our home. We call him the All-Terrain Puppy because he loves going for long walks in the State Forest across from our house, no matter what the weather is. In fact, the muddier the better!

Food I Crave:

Egg tacos, cheese blintzes or scallion cakes from my mom’s kitchen.

Drink Of Choice:

Whatever the “Drink of the Day” is aboard the Carnival Miracle!

Ideal Off-Duty Activity:

Toes in the sand, playing a beach volleyball tournament with my friends. Preferably in the Caribbean.