Waterdog Story

The backstory behind our enigmatic name comes from a time in our founder’s boyhood when he was staring out on a New England lake wondering how he could siphon¬†this water to lower his per unit costs on his roadside lemonade stand when the wake of a speeding boat caused him to become submerged under the icy water. The family’s beloved short legged mutt sprung into action and dragged our fearless leader to the shore before any of the onlooking family members could move a muscle. So, because of this life-altering moment in his youth, we decided to name the company and design our corporate identity around the heroic little guy.

The fictional story that evolved over a few too many beers amongst Waterdog staffers goes as follows:

Rutherford B. Waterdog IV, our proud mascot, comes from a long line of distinguished Waterdogs dating back until roughly around the time Lincoln was shot. Waterston Waterdog, Esq., was also in attendance at Ford’s Theatre that fateful night, alongside Abe and Mary Todd in the Presidential Box. Due to his low height, Waterston was able to dodge Booth’s bullet but his keen instincts and strong nose were instrumental in apprehending the assassin days later at a farm in Virginia.
Waterston had already achieved fame at the 1862 International Exhibition, a world’s fair held in London, where he demonstrated his unique ability to walk on water while wearing a top hat. It’s no big deal for a dog to swim, but walking on water is a considerable feat for anyone.

Waterston’s son Edward joined him atop the water at the Centennial International Exhibition of 1876, the first official world’s fair held in the United States, and from then on the Waterdog name continued to grow.

The Waterdog dynasty later grew to include many impressive business, politics and philanthropic efforts. Apart from Billy Waterdog, a good-for-nothing uncle of our proud mascot who soiled the family name and ran afoul of the law in the 1980s, the contributions of the Waterdog clan have been unparalleled, at least by the hound breed.

Rutherford B. Waterdog III was a real computer whiz and his son continues that legacy with us here today at the company that bears his name.


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