Workspace as a Service from Waterdog

The landscape for Managed Service Providers (MSPs) is ever-changing.  MSPs are in a constant battle to increase profit margins and stay relevant in a world with more and more “do it yourself” offerings.  Cloud Solutions seem to be the answer everyone is looking for, but the amount of noise around the Cloud is deafening.

Waterdog can help your MSP increase profit margins and create stickiness to maintain the highest level of relevancy to your client base.  There are many solutions that fall under the Cloud and some combination of those may be the right fit for your clients.  Waterdog, on the other hand, is laser-focused on just one.  We have cracked the code and formed the right partnerships to offer you the most powerful Workspace as a Service solution on the market.

Waterdog offers the only end-to-end management platform built expressly for MSPs that automates discovery, migration and management of IT cloud deployments.  MSPs can rapidly spin up remote Windows desktops, servers, applications and IT systems in the Google Cloud Platform.  On average, deployments and onboarding using the Waterdog platform (called Cloud Automation Stack or CAS) are up to 10 times faster than traditional manual migrations.

Waterdog’s CAS offering allows MSPs to sell infrastructure on a more desirable OPEX model as opposed to the traditional CAPEX model, which most end users are trying hard to avoid.  Also, Waterdog’s CAS is agnostic to what tools you want to bundle with our products.  Package up O365, whatever RMM you need, your choice of Antivirus and the DR your client needs — it all works with the CAS platform.

Lastly, Waterdog will do all the heavy lifting while you reap the rewards.  We will train you and your team and hold your hand as you deploy your first projects.  We will help you write quotes and proposals and even meet with your clients if need be. In short, we will set you up for success!

Workspace as a Service is the future for MSPs and Service Providers.  We have the secret sauce to develop the most lucrative programs for your business that exists on the market today.



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